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Childfree: What It Is and What It Isn’t (To Me)

Childfree: What It Is and What It Isn't (To Me)

I’ve written about childfree terminology in the past but I got to thinking about this topic again after listening to a recent episode of the Married Without Children podcast. In it, hosts Chris and Bev discuss a New York Times article by Marci Alboher. Alboher is, by all accounts, childfree. However, she doesn’t subscribe to the term and instead favors […]


An Interview with Kristen Tsetsi, Author of “The Age of the Child” + SIGNED BOOK GIVEAWAY

an interview with kristen tsetsi author of the age of the child and giveaway!

The childfree community has been abuzz with the amazing new novel, The Age of the Child, by the equally amazing (and childfree, might I add) Kristen Tsetsi. I had the chance to speak with Kristen about her book, the motivation behind it, and about being a childfree woman in today’s society. Check out our conversation […]