Yay! You’re here! Welcome to the rinky-DINK life!

My name is Brittany and as my name implies, I am a product of late 80’s (and proud). For the past five years, I’ve been working full-time as an early childhood educator. This means I spend a good chunk of time around people one-thirteenth my age. It’s pretty incredible to say the least. I’m fortunate enough to have married my best friend Colin. He also works full-time as a drafting designer. I’m still not exactly sure what that is…

Colin and I have been married just over eight years, seven of which we’ve spent sloooooowly renovating our early 1900’s bungalow in a blue-collar town of Southern New Jersey. Although we are happily childfree, we do share our home with two ridiculously spoiled Boston Terriers, Gunther and Minka.

If you spend any length of time in our home,  you will no doubt find notepads stuffed with my ramblings and sketchbooks full of Colin’s etchings. We’ve always been fans of the arts which ultimately led to us jointly creating this blog. While I am currently the main writer, most posts are collaborative and not solely about life without children 🙂

Colin and I live busy yet simple lives that we are currently striving to make even simpler (more details on that coming soon).

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You thought I’d end this page without showing you pictures of my dogs? Ha!

Gunther (Gump)
Minka (JoJo)