Blog Changes, Life Changes

Blog Changes

Hi there! As you subscribers know, the rinky-DINK life will be undergoing site maintenance all day tomorrow. This means the site will be down but I promise you it’ll be worth it!

So, here’s what you can expect come Wednesday, June 28:

  • N E W logo
  • N E W website layout
    • (more user-friendly & better optimized for mobile viewing)
  • N E W subscriber-only rewards
  • N E W content & content upgrades

Please allow some time for all of these changes to be implemented.

Are you curious to know what the new website is going to look like?

A sneak preview just for you:

Colors are liable to change and posts will be optimized with pictures but you get the drift! Let me know in the comments section what you think of our new theme.

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Life Changes

I debated whether or not to post about the changes I’m dealing with at the moment. I have routinely forced myself to be honest even when it is uncomfortable, despite starting out as a scared and quiet blogger. For one thing, I am a terrible liar – the worst. Secondly, I value trust and communication above all else. So… I lost my job.

I have worked as an early childhood educator for over six years for forty or more hours per week. However, as of last Thursday, I am no longer gainfully employed. The education center where I worked closed its doors for good on Friday for reasons outside of our control. For me, and quite a few of my coworkers, we lost not just our jobs but hundreds of relationships with children and their families.

My Dream Job

Not unlike many other childfree women, I don’t wish to have my own children but I enjoy the company of others’ children. I took pleasure in caring for young kids and was happy being a guiding force for good in their lives.

From quite a young age, I knew that I wanted to be one of two things – and one of those things was to be a teacher. And I am incredibly thankful that I had the privilege to do so for over half a decade.

I have grown in so many ways since I started my career in early childhood education. When I was initially hired, I thought how great this job would be once I had kids (ha). I also realized while working there that I didn’t want to have children. And it’s not what you might be thinking. The kids I cared for, “my kids” as I called them, didn’t spawn from the Devil. They were human beings, just really little ones. However, I also got to see a very real and not pronatalist-driven view into raising children.

Through the Eyes of a Teacher

I have been through and witnessed quite a lot in my six years as a teacher. I’ve been the one to hand tissues to the mother of an adopted child after learning of his developmental delays, only to then weep on my ride home. I’ve been the one to reassure the parents of an autistic child that their child is slowly but surely learning to engage with others and I cried happy tears when that same child safely conquered steps for the first time, a year and a half later than her peers.

I have experienced first hand just how scary it is when a child with Down Syndrome struggles to get enough air during a respiratory infection and just how terrifying it is when a child with epilepsy has seizures so small that most people wouldn’t even recognize them. I’ve seen parents turn down early intervention services because they didn’t want to believe their child needed help and got so angry that I yelled to my co-teacher, “That should be illegal!” And lastly, I’ve witnessed parents who truly love their children, those parents whose hearts I would watch break each and every morning as they had to go off to work.

Life is hard as an adult and I don’t think it’s really any easier when you’re a kid, you just don’t remember it as well. I know ‘my kids’ won’t be able to remember me as they grow up but I really do believe Maya Angelou when she said:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I hope this is what I’ve done.

My Next Step

Remember when I mentioned the other ‘thing’ I wanted to be when I grew up? Well, I wanted to be a writer. And in some small way, I am. I wish I could say I’ve written a New York Times Best Seller but instead, I review such books. And you know what? I’m thrilled about it! I also write for a handful of other websites like BOLDE and and it’s been seriously amazing.

As much as I love the joy (and challenges) of working with children, I want to see where my writing can take me. Maybe I am naive or optimistic but I owe it to myself to, at the very least, try. Perhaps one day I will be able to combine my two careers and create a children’s book 😉 But until then, I will keep on keepin’ on. It is a little scary, for sure, but I’m fortunate that my husband Colin and I have lived within our means. We will be able to survive comfortably, albeit not luxuriously, until more permanent work comes along. Plus, now that I am mostly unemployed, I have more time to dedicate to the rinky-DINK life 🙂

I’ll see you tomorrow friends! Don’t forget to leave me some comments about the new layout.




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  1. Reply

    Brittany, I love the new blog look! Can’t wait to see it. It looks fresh and love the pop of color.

    Thanks for being honest about your life. I find as a blogger if I am holding something back I avoid writing on my blog. I just have to blog through it and move on. Blogging really forces us to be honest.

    I love the idea of you writing a children’s book. What a great way to combine your career ideas!

    1. Thanks Courtney!

      I’m hoping the new look turns out as well as I’m hoping. I’m thinking we should come up with a phrase like “blog on” or something to encompass the challenges of being honest through writing 😉

      I feel like writing a children’s book would be such an interesting endeavor. We shall see!

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