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A Realist’s View of Pregnancy

Never could I wrap my head around my friends having babies without a hint of fear. I just had so many questions. What if you experience complications? What if the baby isn’t healthy? What if…what if…what if? Those who knew me well attributed my concern to anxiety. While they’re not wrong, they’re not exactly right either. In my […]


Nonconsensual Parenting: The Disturbing Trend

There exists a phenomenon that happens to men and it often does not carry the social reaction I feel it deserves. Some women trick their male partners into procreation. Like so many other things people do, there are various reasons for this. Sometimes it is done as a misguided effort to save a failing relationship […]


The Struggle to Sterilization: An Interview with Childfree Woman of 2016

The Struggle to Sterilization

The Struggle to Sterilization: An Interview with Childfree Woman of 2016 There has been a lot of buzz lately about women’s reproductive rights. After reading the many stories of women speaking out about their method of choice for birth control, I was even inspired to share mine. I also felt encouraged to get in touch Crystal […]


What to Expect when You’re Expecting…an IUD

Before reading this post, click here to find out why I chose to get an IUD. As of last June, I am officially a member of the IUD secret society. While I have personally told everyone from my best friend to my hair stylist about this marvelous device, many women simply don’t talk about it. And I think […]