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An Interview with Kristen Tsetsi, Author of “The Age of the Child” + SIGNED BOOK GIVEAWAY

an interview with kristen tsetsi author of the age of the child and giveaway!

The childfree community has been abuzz with the amazing new novel, The Age of the Child, by the equally amazing (and childfree, might I add) Kristen Tsetsi. I had the chance to speak with Kristen about her book, the motivation behind it, and about being a childfree woman in today’s society. Check out our conversation […]


Childfree or Childless: Does Terminology Really Matter?

Childfree or Childless Does: Terminology Really Matter?

I am childless but that’s not the adjective I’d use to describe myself. There’s no question that not having children is a big part of my identity. However, I like to think I’m more than just that. And, for starters, I like to view myself as childfree as opposed to childless. You, on the other […]


Talking About Tokophobia — The Fear of Pregnancy

Tokophobia — The Fear of Pregnancy

Talking About Tokophobia — The Fear of Pregnancy Tokophobia — the fear of pregnancy —affects up ten percent of women today. While most women with tokophobia are actually not childfree, as many as one in ten childfree women have this fear. Because of this, I think tokophobia needs our attention. So, let’s talk about it! […]


What Makes A Woman A ‘Real’ Woman?

What Makes A Woman A 'Real' Woman?

What Makes A Woman A ‘Real’ Woman? When Serena Williams spoke with Stellar Magazine about awaiting the birth of her first child, things took an interesting turn. Williams explained to Stellar, “I am about to be a real woman now, you know? It’s going to be something incredibly impressive to go through.” Her tactless remarks […]


Childfree by…Choice? – The Childfree Wife’s Story

by: The Childfree Wife I am 28 years old, married, childfree by choice, and a dog mum. I hate the term “dog mum,” but that is what I am. I’m completely obsessed with my dog. And no, she is not a substitute for a baby. I don’t know when or how I decided I wanted […]


What Does it Mean to be a Woman Without Kids? – The Journey to Changing Public Perception

woman without kids

What Does it Mean to be a Woman Without Kids? – The Journey to Changing Public Perception by: Chloe Peacock I founded and manage The League of Fabulous Women (tlfw) in the UK. It’s a light-hearted community and style-conscious lifestyle network for women who do not have children either by choice or circumstance. It differs from […]


Choosing The Childfree Life After Infertility: Emily’s Story

I want to begin this post with an apology. Are you thinking, ‘Oh man, what did Brittany do now?’ It’s actually something I haven’t done… I had, and still have, a specific agenda in mind for the rinky-DINK life: to break free of the stereotypes surrounding the childless (i.e. my greatest goal). By childless, I mean exactly as […]


The Day After Mother’s Day

If you’re reading this, congratulations. You survived yet another Mother’s Day. One of the downfalls of social media is being unable to escape current happenings, holidays, et cetera. I’m more active than ever on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook these days and while I’ve willingly made that choice, I can’t help but roll my eyes in […]


5 Budget-Friendly Tips for a Childfree Trip to Walt Disney World + Free Printable!

When you think of Walt Disney World, what comes to mind? For many, Disney is synonymous with children – lots and lots of children. It makes sense. My first experience with the Mouse’s house was when I was a child myself. As a ten year old, I lost my Disney virginity a bit later than my peers. Though […]


Manufacturing Motherhood in the Pronatalist Nation

“Know what keeps a community going strong? More babies.” Or so says the billboard I pass on my commute to work. I must’ve driven by this sign a hundred times without ever paying much mind. I suppose this is a bad thing if you’re a billboard considering getting noticed is literally your only job. As I became more resolute […]