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The Obstacles of Modern Dating and Being Childfree

by: Meg of Debatably Dateable The Obstacles of Modern Dating and Being Childfree I know you’re supposed to have fun while dating but finding a life partner is no easy feat. Now picture modern dating and being childfree. Things become even more difficult- your dating pool shrinks in half. Then add in factors like age […]


“Becoming Childfree” – A Guest Post on

Becoming Childfree

“Becoming Childfree” – A Guest Post on I’ve been absolutely LOVING contributor month. I hope you have too! In fact, I’ve been loving these guest contributions so much that I decided to contribute a guest post this month as well. We’re {not} having a baby! was one of the very first sites I came […]


How Minimalism Relates to Being Childfree | By: Legally Minimalist

Childfree Minimalist

by: Legally Minimalist How can someone with children be a minimalist? How does minimalism apply to kids? Popular proponents of minimalism, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists, are constantly asked these sorts of questions. But, I rarely hear the opposite side of the issue: How has minimalism impacted your decision about whether or […]


Childfree by…Choice? – The Childfree Wife’s Story

by: The Childfree Wife I am 28 years old, married, childfree by choice, and a dog mum. I hate the term “dog mum,” but that is what I am. I’m completely obsessed with my dog. And no, she is not a substitute for a baby. I don’t know when or how I decided I wanted […]


What Does it Mean to be a Woman Without Kids? – The Journey to Changing Public Perception

woman without kids

What Does it Mean to be a Woman Without Kids? – The Journey to Changing Public Perception by: Chloe Peacock I founded and manage The League of Fabulous Women (tlfw) in the UK. It’s a light-hearted community and style-conscious lifestyle network for women who do not have children either by choice or circumstance. It differs from […]


July: The Rinky-DINK Life Contributor Month!

I can’t believe it is July already. Can you? The weather convinces me that it is indeed summer – it already feels like 88 degrees here this morning. If you follow me on any of my many social media accounts, you’ll remember me asking for readers to submit their stories – and submit they did! […]


Choosing The Childfree Life After Infertility: Emily’s Story

I want to begin this post with an apology. Are you thinking, ‘Oh man, what did Brittany do now?’ It’s actually something I haven’t done… I had, and still have, a specific agenda in mind for the rinky-DINK life: to break free of the stereotypes surrounding the childless (i.e. my greatest goal). By childless, I mean exactly as […]


Nonconsensual Parenting: The Disturbing Trend

There exists a phenomenon that happens to men and it often does not carry the social reaction I feel it deserves. Some women trick their male partners into procreation. Like so many other things people do, there are various reasons for this. Sometimes it is done as a misguided effort to save a failing relationship […]