5 Budget-Friendly Tips for a Childfree Trip to Walt Disney World + Free Printable!

When you think of Walt Disney World, what comes to mind? For many, Disney is synonymous with children – lots and lots of children. It makes sense. My first experience with the Mouse’s house was when I was a child myself. As a ten year old, I lost my Disney virginity a bit later than my peers. Though I had the benefit of being old enough (and tall enough) to ride the “big rides.” In the early 2000s, the band Aerosmith was still relevant, therefore making it especially exciting to ride the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. I found Tower of Terror to be accurately named as did my brother and father who are both scared of heights to this day.

I remember being so bemused when I overheard adults complaining. This was because I was blind to the long lines and congested walkways. At that time in my life, I also didn’t know Disney magic cost money. I had no idea the effect this quintessential vacation had on the pockets of my parents. For many adults, The Simpsons’ Dizzneeland (“The Happiest Hell on Earth”) is perhaps a more accurate description.

This was not how my parents thought. As a middle class family of five, we still managed to visit Disney World twice. As a childfree adult now sitting in a similar income bracket myself, I’ve been able to visit Disney twice more.

While avoiding children in Disney World in 2017 may have worse odds than surviving the Black Death in the 1300s, it’s possible to limit your exposure. It’s also extremely possible to have an amazing experience as an adult without children. No wonder almost 20 million of us grown-ups without children visit Disney World each and every year.

Here are my 5 Budget-Friendly Tips for a Childfree Trip to Walt Disney World:

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Couples Camping 101

Couples Camping 101Your first thoughts when it comes to camping may be more rain showers and mosquitos than rainbows and butterflies, but it doesn’t have to be. With just a little bit of effort, your next camping trip can be equal parts affordable and romantic. Yes, I used camping and romantic in the same sentence. No, I’m not (too) crazy.

How, you may ask, is this possible? The answer is actually quite simple.

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How to Plan a Family Vacation (for two)

How To Plan A Family Vacation For Two

The expression “starting a family” has always perplexed me. I personally feel that our family was born the moment Colin and I said, “I do.” While I agree a brand new baby certainly would change the family dynamic, would it make sense for he or she to be credited with establishing it? I suppose one could apply the ‘chicken or the egg’ reasoning. Which came first, the family or the baby? Well, I say family. End rant.

Something I think we can all agree on though is the importance of family vacations. Even those who do not travel often can still appreciate the value of a little time spent away from home.

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