Hiding From Halloween + Free Printable ‘No Trick-or-Treating’ Doorknob Hanger

Hiding From Halloween + Free Printable 'No Trick-or-Treating' Doorknob Hanger

October is somehow turning into November but alas, not before Halloween comes and goes. Being childfree during a very child-centric holiday is…interesting, to say the least. And it only gets more interesting in a small town. While some childfree people dislike kids, others do not, and while some people love Halloween, others do not. My husband and I happen to fall into the latter of both categories.

Despite enjoying occasional company with kids, our Halloween action plan generally involves avoidance. I understand that this may not sit well with some people, especially parents, but everyone has the right to celebrate—or not celebrate—as they wish, right?

Most towns have their own basic guidelines for the holiday. In our town, trick-or-treating can start as early as 3:30! This makes the old standby rule of keeping your porch light off to avoid trick-or-treaters obsolete. This also means knocking is inevitable and with knocking comes frustrated, barking dogs. Our oldest, Gunther, is not the best with children and they tend to cause him a fair amount of stress, which encouraged us to come up with a plan for tackling Halloween:

Use A Friendly Sign

We started using signs two years ago with great success. I was a little nervous about using one in case it spurred “tricking” but our neighbors were respectful. I think the key is to use a polite sign. The ones I found online weren’t always the best or the kindest, so I started making my own. This year, I want to share it with you! Click here for your No Trick-or-Treaters Please Doorknob Hanger. Enjoy!

Go Out to Dinner

With the sign on the door, I don’t have to worry about incessant knocking and therefore, I don’t have to worry about incessant barking. My dogs are happy and the trick-or-treaters are content moving on to other houses. Once we knew the sign was successful, we figured there was no point to “hiding” within our home. Why not go out to dinner? It has become something of a tradition for us now. It’s especially great because no matter what restaurant we choose, it’s  just about guaranteed to be childfree for the evening since parents and kids are busy trick-or-treating.

What are your thoughts? Do you try to avoid trick-or-treaters too? Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to download your No Trick-or-Treaters Please Doorknob Hanger!

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    My husband and I LOVE Halloween. We got married on Halloween, we had a costume party wedding, we decorate the hell out of our house, we watch a different Halloween movie every night for the entire month of October, we carve pumpkins, we dress up and go to parties, etc. The one part of the holiday we want no part of is the trick or treating. We don’t have kids, I don’t like children, I worry about the cat escaping if we open the door over and over, and I’m really cheap so I don’t want to spend money on candy for strange children. This is actually the first year that we’ve not been living in an apartment over Halloween so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. We’re going to turn on the lights we have in the windows because we enjoy them, but we’ll leave the porch light off, and we’re not answering the door. Hell, even if wanted to we couldn’t because our front door is so warped it doesn’t open! I like the idea of a friendly sign, so maybe we’ll give that a shot.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brink! If you ended up using the sign, I hope it worked well for you 🙂

        • Brink
        • November 10, 2017

        It actually ended up being a non-issue. We happened to buy a house right down the street from one of my co-workers so I asked her and she said in 13 years she has not seen one trick or treater on our street!

        1. Even better! That’s awesome.

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