“How I Made a Deliberate Choice Not to Have Children”: My Childfree Story Featured on Nonparents.com

I woke up this morning to quite a wonderful surprise. The post “How I Made a Deliberate Choice Not to Have Children” that I submitted to Nina Steele at nonparents.com was published! I was equal parts excited and nervous as I fired up the webpage to reread my narrative.

This experience has been especially meaningful to me. Soon after I realized a childfree lifestyle was for me, I turned to the internet for like-minded folk. It wasn’t long before I was glued to the screen reading all of the incredibly genuine Readers’ Stories Nina shares on her website.

And Nina’s story? Part of what makes nonparents.com so extraordinary is the reason behind its creation. Nina explains on her website how she and her husband battled infertility for nine years before deciding to move on and begin living childfree. Nonparents.com was launched in 2013 and Nina has been empowering other women (and men) who are still struggling with life sans children, whether by circumstance or by choice.

To find out how I made the choice not to have children, click here.


What are your thoughts on my decision? Let me know in the comments section below.

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