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23% of men aged forty-five and older do not have children.

That’s a 9% increase from 1985.

The point being: there are plenty of childfree men out there, more every year. As a childfree woman, I feel proud to have found my tribe of other likeminded ladies, but I was saddened to see a lack of resources for our significant others/husbands.

With some (mild) arm-twisting, my own husband Colin “volunteered” to write a monthly column for the rinky-DINK life. I’m excited to hear a male prospective into the childfree lifestyle and I’m sure you will be too!

This column has finally been available to the general public so enjoy!

Nonconsensual Parenting: The Disturbing Trend

There exists a phenomenon that happens to men and it often does not carry the social reaction I feel it deserves. Some women trick their male partners into procreation. Like so many other things people do, there are various reasons for this. Sometimes it is done as a misguided effort to save a failing relationship […]

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My Top Four Replies to “When are you having kids?”

So, when are you having kids? There are very few questions that make me more uncomfortable than this one and I know I’m not alone in feeling that way. It’s not a matter of being insecure in the decision my wife and I have made to remain childfree that makes me feel awkward. Rather, it’s […]

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Childfree by Choice: A Generational Gap

If you’re of child-rearing age, many people of the older generation expect you to have children to protect the family’s legacy.  Hearing that you do not intend to produce offspring and fill the imaginary ancestral throne with little heirs and heiresses is often met with accusations of selfishness. After all, their generation had kids so […]

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Childfree: A Selfish Lifestyle?

Hello there, my name is Colin. My wife Brittany is the creator of this blog, and she asked if I could write a monthly column as exclusive content for The Rinky-Dink Life. After all, we made the decision to stay child free together, so it only makes sense that we share some of the blogging […]

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