Resolutely Childfree (Part 2) — How The Rinky-DINK Life Readers are Getting There This Year

Resolutely Childfree (Part 2) How The Rinky-DINK Life Readers are Getting There This Year

In my last post, I asked you to share the things you do to stay resolute in your decision to stay childfree. It’s no surprise to me that your answers were fantastic. If you’re a fence-sitter, I feel this post may be especially helpful. Actually, anyone who is, or wants to become, resolutely childfree will benefit. Here’s how The Rinky-DINK Life readers are getting there in 2018:

I remain resolute in my choice by reminding myself of everything I have to gain from being childfree rather than getting hung up on the ‘what ifs.’ When I think of the freedom and independence this choice is affording me, I know it’s the right one.

– Lisa, Simple Life Experiment

Every day I am reminded as to why I am childfree and thankful to myself for making that decision. I love going home to a quiet house, having the weekends to do whatever I want, and traveling all summer.

– Marcie

I have so many overwhelming reasons to stay childfree — genetics, the environment, mental and physical health, time…It helps to surround yourself with a like-minded support network, because many won’t understand.

– Veronika, Debts to Riches

Thinking about how different our life would be if we had children makes me feel more confident in our decision.

– Rosie Webster

The environment is a huge one [reason for being childfree] for me, but also time to spend on other projects in our life to make a positive impact.

– Kristine, Frugasaurus

My passing daydreams of having a kid are always about having a baby, a cute kindergartner — never a 9, 12, or 17-year-old. I’ve seen it summed up as ‘little kids = little problems, big kids = big problems.’ That reality keeps me pretty grounded.

– Bebe

My life is completely incompatible with kids, now or ever…So sometimes I have to remind myself that me and the idea of a normal family just have nothing do with one another at all. My life and kids don’t even fit together one tiny bit.”

– @wanderlustlanguages

My husband and I have vowed to minimize our life this year…Neither of us is willing to compromise on the quality of life, disposable income and career in order to have children.

– @mrs_macaskill

I am going to reduce social media use to return to my own creativity and reduce lost time in my day to day. Since I’m happily childfree I always thought time would be plentiful, but every day I want more.

– @eblana1

To me spa days are the best, would never let anything make me give them up.

– @vrod3027

I always ask the universe to grant me the foresight, wisdom, and compassion to stand tall in my child-free decision when I encounter good-natured but ignorant people…Reminding myself of why I made my decisions helps explain them to others.

– @cass_bear827

For me, it’s our podcast. It’s our listeners and it’s reaching out to all these people. It’s talking about it. Having our podcast is a way for us to truly be ourselves and kind of put ourselves out there to get to know like-minded people.

– Bev, Married Without Children

We’ve only understood that we’re childfree for just under two years — that’s not very long. We’re still understanding that and exploring that…I have to talk through things. This is my therapy — for real.

– Chris, Married Without Children

All Roads Lead to Childfreedom

I wish I could include everyone’s comments because each one was so meaningful. I’ve learned there’s not just one way to become resolutely childfree — there are endless possibilities and avenues to take to get here. All roads lead to childfreedom…except, I suppose, having a baby 🙂

In short, how you get there is up to you but there does seem to be a common thread running through the answers:

  • Know your “why”
  • Question more
  • Reflect often
  • Be intentional
  • Engage with like-minded people

Let me know your thoughts on this post below! PS: you’re all awesome.

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  1. Reply

    Your readers are awesome! It’s encouraging to know there are other, real life people out there who have made this decision and are sticking with it.

    1. They are pretty spectacular! Thanks for being one of them 🙂

  2. It’s great to read all of the comments from your other readers! I had the surgery at 28 and it was the best decision I’d ever made. Every year that goes by I’m more confident in my choice. It definitely helps to know I’m not alone.

    1. That’s so good to hear! You’re definitely not alone. I’m excited for continued confidence in the decision to be childfree 🙂

    • Lisa
    • January 25, 2018

    What a wonderful post, Brittany! I had really been looking forward to Part 2 and the chance to hear about other readers’ perspectives. It was really inspiring and affirming to read these reflections. I’m honoured to be featured, too – thanks for including my response! Given that we live in a world that glorifies childbearing, I think it’s really important to keep revisiting our motivations on a regular basis, and reading this post was a great opportunity for me to do just that. I saw the words on the screen and thought, hell yes, that’s my childfree ‘why’ and I love it!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I loved how unique everyone’s comments were and yet, at the same time, so individualized!

  3. Reply

    Thank you for sharing your readers’ comments! I could actually relate to a lot of them. As someone who wanted kids my whole life, I still have my ups and downs, but I know I will definitely not be parenting in this lifetime. I feel myself starting to move away from a “childless” mindset and more toward a “childfree” mindset. Reading the comments above help remind me how much there is to enjoy in life. I look forward to meeting some childfree women in real life.

    I really enjoy your blog and your readers. Thanks again!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Phoenix. I’m so glad to hear you’re venturing toward childfreedom! It’s a great place to be 🙂

    • Blod
    • January 30, 2018

    I am 55 and guess I’m at the “you”ll regret it when you’re older” point in my life, that everyone took such glee in telling me about. Well, I can tell you resolutely, that I still don’t regret being childfree for one second. In fact, I rejoice it every day. Older, wiser, calmer and considerably richer – nope, not for one second do I regret my choice. I love it!

      • Anna
      • February 5, 2018

      This is such an encouragement to me as a 28 year old childfree woman!!

    1. Yay! This makes me so happy to hear. Thank you for your comment. I look forward to my older, wiser, calmer, and richer years 😉 And I look forward to them all without children!

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